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Planet Access has accumulated a team of highly intelligent, curious, out-of-the-box thinkers with a large variety of skills due to this mind set. With these skills, they are able to function as an independent technological think tank.
Planet Access develops in many computer languages at many clients with a wide variety of diverse needs. In addition, we are highly skilled in supporting a large variety of hardware, networking, and server solutions including email servers.



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All developers and hardware specialists at Planet Access have been thoroughly vetted for integrity, raw intelligence, and logical thinking. This group is accustomed to taking on anything that comes to them and works well together. This company was a pioneer in the early PC industry and has maintained a forward looking outlook ever since.

The experts at Planet Access are hungry for a puzzle and often discover completely unique and creative solutions to the problem at hand. All of the assets of Planet Access are in the people.

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Notable Clients and Achievements

Planet Access has had 33 years of experience in taking on clients who want to lead out with technology by creating specialized systems that create advantages in the marketplace. Our suite of accounting systems has been used by over 150 clients, has been re-written 6 times into newer programming languages, and is now completing a move to C#. Planet Access has created hundreds of specialized software solutions tailored to specific needs. Some of our clients have included Fortune 500 companies such as Texas Instruments, RadioShack Corporation and other large multinational companies such as Chemical Lime Corporation and Weir SPM. We have consulted for and provided solutions to the oil, construction, distribution, healthcare, e-commerce, electronics, insurance, financial, aircraft, and garment industries and many others. We have gained valuable experience by exploring, discovering, and solving the needs of these companies. Current major projects include a highly efficient warehouse management system, an online health care staffing portal, and a specialized MRP system for international manufacturing.

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